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Presenting Stereotone – Body Party

Those blessed enough to have impeccable musical prowess as well as the ability to absolutely cause it should never let their talents go to waste – if not for their own benefits then for us punters. Luckily Glasgow’s own Jonathan Fernandez (aka Wheelman aka J.Fernandez) is quite the donor and has decided to treat the city to a full-blown party every month in the form of his new club night, Stereotone.

It’s about time, too. For those unfamiliar, Jonathan is a young connoisseur of the Glasgow club scene as both spectator and more recently selector, gracing the decks for Freaky Freaky among many other parties across the country. Jonathan can now take full control in this exciting project, which also boasts a monthly podcast series.

With a unique approach towards each night, a platform for diverse ideas and riotous creativity has been formed, immediately setting Stereotone apart from the more generic club nights that pollute the city. If last month’s launch with the Sessions DJs was a taste of what is offered – where we saw La Cheetah’s basement transform from the usual sticky haunt into an otherworldly paradise of pounding techno, balloons and Kate Bush on loop – then Stereotone is not a night to miss.

On the 19th of this month we see the next installment ‘Stereotone 002: Body Party’ where Wheelman will be joined by Subcity’s Deep Brandy Album Cuts and Astral Black’s Dressin Red for a night of rhythm and blues, reds and everything in between. Ahead of Thursday we spoke with the man himself who can exclusively reveal that each DJ will take control for an hour each with the last hour hosting an extra special b2b2b set. Giving nothing else away, you must experience the magic for yourself to find out the rest. Entry on the night is £3 before 12, £5 after and strongly advised.

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Photo by: Simon Dalziel