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Hot Singles In Your Area #2

It’s back! With a fresh new title and complete disdain for deadlines, HSIYA – the weekly monthly whenever-we-get-round-to-it collection of the freshest new tunes – returns, with this round featuring sounds from Glasgow to Turkey for your sonic pleasure.

1: Froth – When We Get In
Undisputably Glasgow’s best art-rock mariachi band. Listen to when we get in and you’ll see why – and watch out for an IYA feature coming soon.

2: Miniature Tigers – Sex on the Regular
People tend to enjoy hearing about things they can’t, or don’t, have. Take celebrities lives for example, or this song.

3: The Allergies – As We Do Our Thing
Effortless, timeless funk featured on Craig Charles Funk ‘n’ Soul show.

4: The Flirtations – Nothing But a Heartache
Can’t beat a bit of northern soul.

5: Shamir – ‘Lived and Died Alone’
We featured Shamir on the previous HSIYA (before the name change an’ all) and he’s sneaked back in again this week, swiftly becoming an IYA favourite with this cover of Lindi Ortega’s ‘Lived and Died Alone’

6: Deathcats –Dreamz
According to James Deathcats ,‘Dreamz’ is the only love song they’ve wrote. It’s also really good and has a neat wee ‘z’ in the title. 10/10

7: Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal
The title track and lead single from the latest Parquet courts album sets out their intentions perfectly in 4 minutes of unrelenting punk.

8: Morrissey – The Bullfighter Dies
Oh, what fun you can have with the names of Spanish cities. Extra kudos to Moz for avoiding the inclusion of Shagaluf.

and watch the spoken word version here

9: Tuscan Whale – Make it Funk
Techno James Brown? It’s a yes from me.

10: El Mahdy Jr- Coins and Diamonds
Algerian and Turkish pop reworked into brilliantly unique beats. ‘Coins and Diamonds’ is a highlight, but the entire of ‘The Spirit of Fucked Up Places is excellent.