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Gig Review: Parquet Courts at Mono, Glasgow

Despite the four-piece’s distate for all things UK (the fuckers), the first notable aspect of Parquet Courts’ Scottish debut was one of noticeable elation, from band members and audience alike. Maybe it was just because it was Halloween, but with such a fantastic set, that seems unlikely. Fresh off the trail from their fantastic EP, ‘Tally All The Things That You Broke’, their Mono show was one of profound intensity.

Maybe the secret to their success is in the lyrics captured within their half Texan-half New York collective voice; one the part youthful, part erudite crowd can identify with: talks of unemployment, disillusionment with higher education, and being pushed towards the military, such as on ‘Careers in Combat’. In terms of sound, newer songs work particularly well, as the crowd go wild for songs such as ‘You’ve Got Me Wondering Now’ and the frantic ‘The More It Works’, oscillating on the dronier, gentler paced ‘Yr No Stoner’. These songs in particular showcased the musical finesse of a band whose rhythm and lead section slam together as one, as improvisation and solid jamming takes precedent in a manner similar to the later material of Black Flag.

Most importantly, the band seem content, and their on-stage antics such as donning masks and toying with the crowd go down well with the jovial Glasgow crowd, allowing them to more easily interact. Their atmospheric, churning finishing piece; its noise level to the max, gives way to a climactic cheer, as Parquet Courts have settled another British city firmly in their favour.

You can stream Parquet Courts’ first release below: